Community Safety Partnership

An improved quality of life through building trust and partnerships

"Our primary mission is crime reduction, the results have been absolutely phenomenal."

- Phil Tingirides

(Captain III LAPD Officer)


We offer a number of programs that edu-cate the youth.

HACLA Pee Wee Football
The Los Angeles Police Department Community Safety Partnership (CSP) in collaboration with the HACLA Housing Services Department/Resident Services teamed up with Keith Johnson of the Southern California Falcons Youth Football to start the first ever HACLA Pee Wee football team.

Celebrating Community Safety Partnerships One Year Anniversary

Ensuring the safety of residents is an important component of improving the overall quality of life within Jordan Downs. HACLA, in partnership with the Los Angeles Police Department and the Mayor’s Office are committed to the intervention and prevention of violence through a multipronged strategy aimed at sustainable, community based crime reduction.

Community-Based Policing

Since the fall of 2011, HACLA has partnered with the Los Angeles Police Department to implement a Community Safety Partnership (CSP), a community-based policing model that relies on the long-term assignment of 45 permanent officers at four public housing communities in Watts (Nickerson Gardens, Imperial Courts, Jordan Downs, and Ramona Gardens). Through regular meetings, the officers work cooperatively with residents, HACLA and other community leaders to identify and resolve issues that affect the livability of the community. CSP will also work with community service providers, advocates, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Police, and independent intervention agencies to not only reduce violence, but prevent it.

The CSP takes community policing to a new level. Officers become integrated into the community they serve and residents become active participants in the identification and prevention of crime. This community based model is an effective means of preserving the well being of the whole community.

In the first years of the CSP implementation:

  • Emergency Transfer Requests (ETRs) due to violence have decreased across CSP sites by over forty three percent.

  • Violent crimes have been reduced by twenty nine percent.

  • Incidents of homicide have gone down fifty three percent.

  • Gang related crimes have decreased by thirty nine percent.

Community Safety Partnership activities include:

  • Safe Passage

  • Partnership with UCLA Watts Tutoring Program

  • Project Play (Project LA Youth) program in conjunction with USC students

  • Debbie Allen Dance Academy program

  • Watts Bears tackle football program

  • 1st Tee Golf program and Tiger Woods Golf Academy

  • Mentoring and anti-bullying programs in schools and within Jordan Downs

  • Coordinated with Santa Teresita Church on community events and school safe passage issues

Sustainable Gang Reduction

HACLA has partnered with the Mayor’s Office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD) to offer directed and comprehensive efforts that reduce and prevent gang related crime in communities. Coordinating with other community programs, the mission of the Watts GRYD taskforce is to involve individuals and families in targeted suppression and prevention efforts. This simultaneous reactive and proactive approach addresses not only current gang activity, but the situations that produce and support it.

GYRD reduces gang activity by curtailing the participation of youth in gangs by offering alternative activities; enacting effective peace keeping responses to incidences of violence as they occur; and improving communication and collaboration within and across government agencies, community based organizations and residents. All GYRD activities are designed to emphasize the strengths of the community, offering social activities that foster common goals of peace building and understanding.

GYRD programs include:

  • Gun buyback campaign

  • Intervention training academy with gang intervention specialist

  • Reentry initiatives for youth recently released from juvenile halls

  • Clinically based counseling models

  • After school programs to address behavior and skills development

  • Recreational programs with local parks and other providers

  • Gang and safety awareness workshops


Celebrating Community Safety Partnership's One Year Anniversary

November 15 - Hundreds of people gathered at USC to celebrate the successes of the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) Program. A collaborative program between HACLA LAPD and the Mayor's Gang Intervention and Youth Development office, CSP launched last November 2011 with hopes of improving relationship between the residents of public housing communities and the Los Angeles Policing Department.

"The officers went into those developments with the intent not to go in and make arrests, not to go in as a taskforce but to go in and create partnerships, create relationships, to hear the community and see what they need and then work together with HACLA to make those things happen', said Captain Phil Tingirides. "So far from the police department's standpoint, because our primary mission is crime reduction, the results have been absolutely phenomenal."


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