Project Fatherhood

empowering the community

"It has opened my eyes to see my children enjoy their life and appreciate their father. Project Fatherhood has helped me stay positive in these hard times."

- Aaron Pineda

(Project Fatherhood Member)




Project Fatherhood was developed to give chiefly poor, urban, culturally diverse fathers an opportunity to connect with their children and play a meaningful role in their lives.  Project Fatherhood effectively addresses the problem of absentee fathers, a major social issue affecting the healthy development of a significant number of children, by providing comprehensive parenting skills to culturally diverse fathers using an innovative support group model.



  • Individuals and family counseling

  • Group Support

  • Significant Others Group

  • Therapeutic activities for children

  • Preventing child abuse and neglect

  • Helping fathers to make healthier decisions in relationships

  • Job training and employment assistance.


In 2010, KPI was awarded a grant of $300,000 over a period of three years from Children's Institute, Inc. in order to continue to carry out the mission of Project Fatherhood at the Jordan Downs Public Housing Development.

Many of the partipants of Project Fatherhood have fallen victim to gang activity, prison or drugs, making it difficult for them be fully active participants in the lives of their children. Project Fatherhood works with these fathers to ensure that they have the tools to rebuild their lives and the relationships they have with their families.


In 2013, Project Fatherhood was profiled on the cover of the Los Angeles Times as part of the newspaper's "Remaking Jordan Downs" series. click here

In 2011, Project Fatherhood at Jordan Downs was featured on Channel 7 News for all the positive work that was being done in the Jordan Downs and Watts communities. click here


During the program a broad range of issues are addressed including father's understanding of appropriate discipline, domestic abuse, communicating needs and traumatic experiences in the fathers' backgrounds that affect their relationships with their children and their partners. The fathers are able to come together and offer support to another while receiving professional guidance. In Project Fatherhood, men receive positive feedback and constructive advice on ways to handle familial issues that they can take back into their homes and implement amongst their families.


“It has opened my eyes to see my children enjoy their life and appreciate their father. Project
Fatherhood has helped me stay positive in these hard times. Family unity is important and
the father is the head of the household. I am encouraged to stay firm and positive and learn
how to deal with real life situations and not give up on my family!”
Aaron Pineda, Project Fatherhood Member


Over the years, Project Fatherhood has also proved effective for other men in care giving roles such as stepfathers and foster parents, and relative caregivers such as grandfathers or uncles. Project Fatherhood also provides supports to the significant others and children, helping to create renewed familial relationships. Project Fatherhood has become an essential part of many lives at Jordan Downs and the men involved have become role models to the remainder of the community.


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