We want to achieve the overall objectives of creating a "healthy community" for our residents. Health and wellness should be a primary focus and it is always a concern that we provide them with the necessary support and prevention strategies avialable.

A Growing Community!

empowering the community

We believe it is important to educate our community, so, that we can improve their quality of life.


We offer a number of programs that edu-cate the youth.

Motivated Mothers
Motivated Mothers engages the mothers of Jordan Downs as leaders in the community and supports them in building strong families. Topics discussed include parenting strategies, how to be involved in their children's education, family safety, health and wellness, financial literacy, and healthy cooking.
Project Fatherhood
Project Fatherhood provides a supportive environment where men can discuss and address chalenges they face in parenting. Discussions include how to be a better father, effective parenting strategies, and job placement and training opportunities. The goal of the program is to increase the positive involvement of fathers in their children's lives.

Health and Wellness

The contruction of affordable housing is in itself an important action. The Health Equity Scorecard cities affordable housing as an important action to sustain the health of a community by establish a "citywide plan for the equitable geographic distribution of affordable housing through mixed-use neighborhoods, particularly when rebuilding public housing."


Community Welcomes New Wellness Clinic

A grand opening was held for the new Wellness Center adjacent to the Jordan Downs public housing. The facility will continue to serve Jordan High School students and also serve the residents of the public housing community.

Through partnerships with community health care providers, Los Angeles Trust for Children's Health, and $34 million rom the Join-Use/Innovation facilities funding of the Los Angeles School Board, 15 new school-based Wellness Centers in high-priority areas will provide health care for students and in some cases to those in the community. Five are already open.

The Housing Authority is pleased to have worked with LAUSD to provide a direct physical path from the residentialo ocmmunity to the clinmic. This pathway serves as the primary access point for the patients reaching the clinic.

When students miss school, they lose ground on a sure path to success academic achievement. Providing them with quality health and mental services will serve as a critical resource to ensure that they are healthy so they can continue to focus on their educaiton.

Watts Healthcare Corporation will be the service provider at the JD Wellness Center. The JD community and Watts Healthcare have an excellent partnership. The center provides daily transportation for residents to and/from their homes. With the opening of this new facility, our residents have access to services within walking distance.

Under the leadership of President and CEO, Bill Hobson, the Watts Healthcare Corporation is leading the mission to develop sustainable community health programs.

The construction of these clinics were paid for by generous donations and Bond money.


More Stories

Avalon Health Fair

A health fair organized at Avalon Gardens provided a platform to kick start an important collaboraiton between the Housing Authority and First AME Church of Los Angeles (FAME). FAME Assistance.

Corporation (FAC) was awarded a 3 year grant from Network for a Healthy California to begin work on a project titled the Champion Empowerment Program. FAME partnered with HACLA to bring the pilot program funded by USDA to Avalon Gardens. The program will be expanded to our sites should it prove to be successful.


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