Educating our Youth

empowering the community

"Research and supportive evidence shows that poverty is the leading cause of low educational attainment. Engaging youth and pooling resources for this demo-graphic is critical"

- Gerardo Loera

( An Executive Director at LAUSD)


We offer a number of programs that edu-cate the youth.

Annual Spelling Bee Competition
The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles every year organizes a Spelling Bee contest. The purpose is to help our youth to improve their spelling abilities, increase vocabulary skills, and learn new concepts.
UCLA Tutoring Program
Tutoring is offered to youth ages 7-18 on Wednesday from 4pm to 8:30pm at the UCLA campus. Participants bring their homework and complete all assignments with a UCLA student tutor in a one-on-one setting.
Study Hall
Housing Based Day Supervision Program (HBDSP) provides homework assistance to students in Elementary, Jr. High and High school. The program is designed to provide extra support to youth with their educational needs.
Math Bowl Tournament
HACLA's Math Bowl is part of an array of activities that illustrate the agency's commitment to helping our youth excel in education. 
Computer Lab
The computer lab engages students through technology introducing computer literacy skills and graphic design through workshops. The students acquire technical skills that will prepare them for adulthood.There are currently 14 sites with computer labs opened.

We believe it is important to educate our community, so, that we can improve their quality of life. Connecting our youth with educational services and helping them build the skills to achieve self-sufficiency has been our primary goal.

"Step Up" is a comprehensive multi-staged Education Initiative. This program ensures that our youth have access to the services they need to attain educational success. HACLA is stepping up to advocate on behalf of our youngest residents in order to help get them on the path to self-sufficiency and break the cycle of poverty through education. The Authority is committed to building partnerships with organizations, public and private, to increase educational programs provided to students living in public housing communities.


  • Increase youth participation in educational programs

  • Help youth (Pre-K-3rd) attain grade level reading skills

  • Help youth (4th-6th) strengthen math skills

  • Help youth (7th-8th) build skills in math, science and technology

  • Help High School students graduate and attend college

  • Build new partnerships to increase programs provided to youth

Accomplishing our goals:

The education initiative will establish effective partnerships with non-profit, private organizations and leverage existing services for youth to refer and enroll youth in appropriate programs.

Educational Activities:

In collaboration with Emerald Chariot, HACLA was awarded a Reading is Fun-damental of Southern California (RIF) (Library Grant) grant to provide books to preschool age children. Nickerson Gardens and Imperial Courts public housing youth participated in ‘Care to Read’ events and received 165 books. Parents, staff and volunteers read to participating children and each received a book to take home.

Parents were encouraged to read out loud and discuss the stories with their children and make it a daily activity.

Employment and Training Centers (ETCs)(AKA computer labs) located through-out the public housing sites serve as a valuable resource for adults and youth. These computer labs provide the opportunity for resume writing assistance, employment search, homework assistance, preparation for taking the California High School Exit Examination, SAT prep, typing, and introduction to Microsoft programs. HACLA has twelve (12) computers labs.

Other educational activities include: Annual Spelling Bee, Math Bowl, ESL classes, Summer Night Lights, Etiquette Training, UCLA Watts Tutoring, Housing Based Supervision Program, Summer Youth Employment.


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Annual Spelling Bee Contest Helps Youth Build Literacy Skills

The 19th Annual Spelling be competition was held at Mulligan Family Fun Center on March 26, Over 100 public Housing youth participated in three phases of Competition including the final competition.

Each year the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles organizes a Spelling Bee Contest for Elementary and Middle school children...


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