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Motivated Mothers helps me be a better mom, spouse, woman and community me-mber. Because of my involvement in programs, I have better communication with my children, and learned to love myself which helped me be a better mot-her and wife.".

-Jordan Downs resident


Project Fatherhood is one of our largest programs under KPI. Please click the button below to get more information:


We offer a number of programs that educate the youth.

Motivated Mothers
Motivated Mothers engages the mothers of Jordan Downs as leaders in the community and supports them in building strong families. Topics discussed include parenting strategies, how to be involved in their children's education, family safety, health and wellness, financial literacy, and healthy cooking.
Project Fatherhood
Project Fatherhood provides a supportive environment where men can discuss and address chalenges they face in parenting. Discussions include how to be a better father, effective parenting strategies, and job placement and training opportunities. The goal of the program is to increase the positive involvement of fathers in their children's lives.

The necessity of community engagement has been essential in our efforts in strengthening our community. KPI has been on the forefront in implementing programs that engage parent and child for the betterment and growth in their lives. We will continue to educate and create community awareness throughout our public housing.


We have collaborated with SHIELDS for families to improve the livelyhood of our community:

SHIELDS for Families is a non-profit agency dedicated to developing, delivering and evaluating cultural sensitive service models. It has partnered with HACLA, KPI and the Jordan Downs community to increase family self-sufficiency and improve academic achievement. Since its founding in 1991, SHIELDS has grown to provide over 30 comprehensive, family-centered, wrap-around programs addressing issues facing high-risk families in South Los Angeles. SHIELDS is an organization dedicated to culturally sensitive service models that empower and advocate for at-risk families.


Watts United Youth Peace Builders

The Watts United Youth Peace Builders (WUYPD) is our latest project to pro-mote peace, leadership and community pride. This sustained program, targets youth, ages 9 to 13, across all four housing developments in the Watts area. Historically, there are have been varying degree of antagonism and aggression between sites. In concert with the LAPD's Community Safety Partnership and Cal State Dominguez Hills, the Peace Builders Initiative is working to reduce these tension through dialogue, shared activities and a common goal of a peaceful, united Watts.

We plan to implement similar programs across all of our housing sites. Fostering youth leadership and the development of their visions for peaceful, productive communities, these sites will become venters of positive change.


Jordan Downs Youth Sea Lab Field Trip

"Youth at Jordan Downs participated in the Sea Lab on Saturday, April 6, 2013. The Sea Lab is a program of the LA Conservation Corps, a sub-contractor to SHIELDS For Families, Inc. The youth participated in the "Science on the Shore" Field Trip. The three hour program included a hands on guided tour of the facility, guided exploration of the nearby beach and lunch. The field trip was sponsored by LA Conversation Corps"

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Recent Story

Class on parenting becomes a journey through
loss, grief and hope

Roshawne Mackey walked into the Jordan Downs community center clutching a pink pamphlet from a funeral over the weekend, her face like stone.

Her niece had been 11 -- a diabetic who wasn't given her insulin shots. The dozen or so women in the parenting class listened as Mackey described how the girl used to make backpacks out of cereal boxes, how she'd adored Hello Kitty. Mackey's expression remained stoic, but tears slid from her eyes.


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